Review: Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell

When I first read Pretty Is, I thought that it was based on a true story. The way that it was written evoked a certain “realness” from it.

I think Maggie Mitchell did an excellent job at presenting this story about two girls who were kidnapped years ago. Lois and Carly May felt so real. I thought they were actually real people.

The plot itself for me was at first hard to get into; it was frustrating that both Lois and Carly May were so evasive about what happened that summer years ago. However it was so interesting seeing their thought process; the way they both dealt with their now adult lives.

There was also a small mysterious/thriling element in the story that made you want to keep passing the pages.

The pacing may be hard for someone if they don’t have a lot of patience. I was waiting throughout the whole book to finally see Carly Mae & Lois meet again, but it took so long.

Frankly, the end of the book is what may make you dislike the book a bit. I was enjoying it so much, and I expected that by the end of it I’d get all the answers that were hinted at throughout the book. However it was left up to interpretation. I wanted to explicitly know the kidnapper’s reasoning. I wanted to see more of Lois & Carly Mae’s life after being found that summer. I wanted a lot of answers but got barely none. 

In spite of that, I still think this is a good book. I think it’s a unique read that’ll entertain you, and leave you wanting more.


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3 thoughts on “Review: Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell

  1. It’s a pity about the lack of answer the novel provides, it sounds a bit frustrating; especially when that’s what you want (and I think I’d want to know why too!) but at least you were able to still enjoy it 🙂


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