Review: All Lined Up by Cora Carmack

As of lately, I’ve found myself inclining more towards New Adult books rather than Young Adult when it comes to nothing paranormal or of fantasy. In my search of those types of books, specifically the ones that had to do with college, I picked this one up to see what was all the fuss. One of my close friends and blogger, Gen from Latte Night Reviews, can’t stop raving about the Rusk University Series, and curiosity won.

From the moment a male appeared in this book I couldn’t stop fangirling, even if said male wasn’t the main romantic interest. Cora Carmack simply knew how to catch your mind’s eye with swoony men. Carson McClain was super sweet and a very passionate person. He was loyal to his family and goal-driven. He knew what he wanted and was determined to reach his goals, even if it meant doing sacrifices on the way. Like not falling for the redhead that was a daredevil in his eyes, and ultimately, Coach Cole’s daughter. I loved him and swooned with every single word he uttered. Not to mention incredibly sexy by the descriptions. Definitely not your typical stereotyped jock.

Dallas was another interesting character. She was a dancer at heart and was often arguing about what she wanted to do with her life with her father, the coach. And football, a thing that never seemed to leave her alone even in college. I loved her relationship with her best friend, Stella, and how she fought for what she wanted, even if she really wanted to run the other way to escape the pain.

The story in general was interesting, though some of the problems seemed pointless to me, like not telling her dad that she liked one of the players. So many problems could be saved if you came straightforward with the truth about things, but I guess that it was okay considering that Dallas and her father, even though they’ve know each other for a while, they didn’t know how to not fight and instead listen and be supportive.

The romance was super sweet and mega sexy. Although, it felt rushed. it was instalove at its best. I liked it, yes, because I tent to like a good instalove from time to time, but it still felt irksome the strong feelings these two had in less than a month. Not that I complained much after the initial shock. I almost missed my train stop to do college stuff myself for reading an intense scene.

Many aspects of the story were great when it came to fighting what you want, the importance of family communication and the things it can bring, strong friendships, and taking risks in love. I really liked the book, and am desperate to read the sequel, All Broke Down with the even sexier Silas Moore. I’m letting some time pass because I don’t want it to end too soon 😉 It was my first Cora Carmack book, and hopefully it won’t be the last. Worth trying out if you’re into steamy romances, sports, and New Adult books.

Rating: 4 stars



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