Review: Take a Chance by Micalea Smeltzer

Marianne’s Review:

As the title suggests, one must definitely take a chance with this series… It will really pay off for you. This is the last book of the Willow Creek series, and Micalea Smeltzer wrote it in such an honest, refreshing, romantic, hilarious, and overall amazing way.

I really loved the protagonist for this book. Arden has been through a lot in her life, so she’s afraid to love again, but she still finds a way to keep going thanks to her daughter. I loved how strong Arden was. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or defend herself, and she was so smart and sassy. I also loved how well written her situation of a single mother was.

“She [daughter] was my world. She had been since the moment I knew she was growing inside me, and it would remain that way until I took my last breath.”

In this book, the love interest is Joshua Hayes, the guitarist of uber popular band Willow Creek. I love Hayes so much! He’s my favorite guy from the whole series. Hayes is a goofball. He always knows exactly how to make you smile, plus he’s incredibly thoughtful, sensitive, and gets along SO WELL with Arden’s daughter, Mia. (Isn’t there something extremely sexy about a guy who is sweet to kids?)

I [Arden] smiled. “So… are you going to feed me on this date or let me starve?”
“Baby, I’m a feast for your eyes, isn’t that enough?” He [Hayes] jested.

THE ROMANCE WAS PERFECT. They clicked together so incredibly well. I loved the way they just got each other. (Also, those sex scenes with them were incredibly steamy *fans self*) The best part is, their romance wasn’t riddled with angst and cliches. They were upfront and honest about how they felt about each other, no beating around the bush. We actually saw a lot of romance development because of this; we didn’t need to wait until one of them got to their senses because they already knew what they wanted: each other.

It was also fun to see appearances from the other characters in the series, and seeing that they had a real influence in the book. It was so entertaining to see how their lives were doing after their respective books ended.

Overall, this is a really bittersweet way to end the series. It made me laugh out loud multiple times (in the most inappropriate situations I might add), tear up, sigh, swoon, and fangirl. While I am completely satisfied with the way the series ended, I wish I could have more of my Willow Creek boys. Especially Hayes ❤.

4.5 stars!

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Jennifer’s Review

When I started this book I had my doubts about it. After reading the three first novels of the series, and then the first one in the Olivia+Trace series, I felt like Micalea wrote more or less the same type of girl and guy. It was all super cute and sweet and fun, but I wanted more. I wanted action, something that would leave me wanting more.

Ladies and gents, Take a Chance does exactly that, and unfortunately, it had to be the last in the series.

I fell head-over-heels with Hayes. He was cool since the moment he appeared in the first book, Last To Know, but he was usually perceived as the laid-back player who obviously didn’t have the word commitment in his vocabulary. However, in Take a Chance, he takes a turn so hard that it can give you whiplash. Hubba hubba, Hayes made me question my choice with Maddox.

Then we have Arden, the single-mom who worked for Sadie at her clothes store. She made an appearance in the previous book, In Your Heart, and had us all swooning since then for her and Hayes. I was ready for the angst, the over-the-top drama that followed these Willow Creek women, but Arden was amazing and not like that. She was a very strong-willed character, a loving mother who not only seeks her own happiness but most importantly, her daughter’s. Sassy, sweet, caring, thoughtful, protective, she was amazing. And little Mia was so cute! I’d squeeze her and pinch her cheeks and watch Disney Princesses all day long if she were real, I wouldn’t mind AT ALL.

Now add all that up and you have THE MOST SWOONY AND SEXY ROMANCE EVER. Like really, these two were perfect together. The Hayes we knew became caring and protective of Arden and treated Mia as his own daughter, loved them, cherished them, spoiled them, endlessly. They were both honest from the very beginning with their relationship rather than go around sulking and not knowing what the other person thought. I am a direct person and I say things straight-up, so this was like paradise to me. And… ahem… there were a lot of sex scenes. Dirty scenes that you shouldn’t, at all costs, read while taking the train unless you want to panic about almost missing your stop, or feel the awkwardness of hiding the book when your elderly professor walks into the classroom. Ahem. Yeah.

I honestly can’t imagine this series ending any other way. I also loved how in each book of the series, we had the main couple’s story but also has lots of scoops on what was happening to the other fellow Willow Creek characters. I fangirled a lot.

Now the ending, I loved even more. Because we have actual action that has nothing to do with the development of the romance or romantic angst. But stalker, abusive, manipulative, bad person evil lurking around the corners with impending doom that brought ups and downs to Arden’s and Hayes’ relationship that was very different from the previous books of the series, but highly welcomed. It kept my mind thinking about what the heck was going to happen, and almost broke my heart to a million pieces. Although, it was reconstructed perfectly with that ending and the famous interviews of the band.

So… Go pick up this series! Romance, steamy scenes, fun and quirky guys of a music band all around, cool and unperfect relateable female characters, it’ll be worth giving it a try. The beginning might be meh for some, but I guarantee you that the end will be worth it.

Rating:  4.5 stars


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 Author Bio:

Micalea Smeltzer is a bestselling Young and New Adult author from Winchester, Virginia.
She’s always working on her next book, and when she has spare time she loves to
read and spend time with her family. 



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