{Blog Tour} Trust Me I’m Trouble by Mary Elizabeth Summer

My Review:

Trust Me, I’m Trouble definitely surprised me. This book was ALL ABOUT THE CONS and I ate it all up.

I think what pulled me into this book (and kept me there) were the multitudes of red herrings placed almost everywhere in the story. It was a wild ride trying to decipher who was responsible, who did what, and if I should trust what X person said. I definitely loved feeling at the edge of my seat; it was so refreshing.

I liked Julep so much more in this book because she’s not as naive as she was in the previous book. Julep has finally come to realise that ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away, and just because you wish that someone is good doesn’t necessarily make it so. Julep here really went above and beyond to show off her grifter skills to me, and I really liked to see her in her natural setting. I think it was wonderful to see how she would trick/influence/manipulate/con people into saying or doing what she wanted. (I honestly love anything that has to do with cons, heists, crimes, etc etc).

There’s a romance in this book, but it’s not with who you would you think. The author here gave us the romance we didn’t know we needed! The romantic lead is absolutely perfect for Julep. She understands what Julep’s been through but doesn’t push her or try to take her out of her comfort zone until she’s ready. She’s also closed off (even more so than Julep) so it’s so entertaining to watch these two skirt around each other when everyone else in the room can see they’re totally into each other. (It’s a female-female romance… if you hadn’t realized that already)

I like how this book gives a big emphasis on family: both blood relatives, and the ones you choose yourself. Julep’s life is filled with people who genuinely care about her and would go above and beyond, and it was wonderful to see how everyone played a part in Julep’s life. I loved all the relationships that were getting stronger and stronger.

The ending… it honestly left me absolutely breathless. I couldn’t believe it ended the way it did, because I NEED ANSWERS!!! I can’t believe we have to wait so long for the next one!

Overall, this book definitely DID NOT suffer from middle book syndrome. This book started strong and ended even stronger. I cannot wait to see what else the author has in store for us! 


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11 thoughts on “{Blog Tour} Trust Me I’m Trouble by Mary Elizabeth Summer

  1. The first book of this series has been on my TBR since it came out! I really need to get started with this, especially because of how much you liked this one as well.


  2. Oooh these seem good! I definetly do not read enough girl/girl romance which is something I really want to change. I am so adding these to my TBR!


  3. Con books are amazzzeballs! I have never heard of this series, but it sounds so cool! Thanks for the heads-up. And cheers for the female romance. There should be more of them!


  4. Oooh, I’m interested in trying this out but I haven’t read the previous book. Is the previous book ABSOLUTELY needed to be read before getting to this one? I like the sound how this is a mystery thriller with a good strong emphasis on family. Indeed, family’s not just limited to the people we’ve been born into, but it also extends to the circle of friends and people we’ve met who we’ve come to care for immensely (I mean, I definitely see the book blogging community as MY family too! ;D)

    Faye at The Social Potato


    1. Yes, you definitely have to read the previous book! I mean, in theory, you COULD just read this one, but you have more backstory while reading this one. You get to understand Julep’s struggle more… I guess I’ll leave it up to you! Lol.

      Yes, I’ve defnitely come to see the blogging community as family! I can’t imagine ever leaving the blogging community without getting feels!


  5. Ooh, this makes me curious. I kiiiind of didn’t like the first book?! ACCIDENTALLY. It had all the things I really should’ve liked, but ultimately I don’t even know…i just didn’t connect?! But now I really do want to try the sequel. I LOVE RED HERRINGS. I love trying to work out mysteries. XD


  6. I don’t think I’ve heard of this series before (though the synopsis of the first one sounds vaguely familiar, so maybe I have o_O ) I like how it sounds though, and that it gets better as it goes along 🙂 I love seeing development like that! Great review Marianne, thank you for sharing!


  7. YAY a book that doesn’t suffer from middle book syndrome, huzzah! Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of the middle books I’ve been reading have been pretty good! I haven’t read the first book in this series yet, but I’m definitely curious of its storyline. I love being thrown off with red herrings, but only when they’re done well! Wonderful review lovely xx


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