Review: The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle

I didn’t finish this book, not because it was bad, but because it wasn’t for me. This book was full of unnecessary high school petty drama, which I don’t stand.

The book started off with a very impressive promise of musical competition for a limited set of scholarships with our main character being one of the participants of a summer camp to choose the winners. It did give me a very Pitch Perfect/Camp Rock vibe, except that things turned out for the worse with the character. The concept of the sorry was great, but the main character, Kiki, ruined it for me.

She began by doing the all-too cliché whine of the supposed best friend who backstabbed her many times, with Kiki being a little dog who wagged her tail anyway because she was her friend. No. That was the first strike.

The second strike was the whole mess of the love interest. It started cute and okay, then there was this messy plot twist of how he had a girlfriend and didn’t tell Kiki, and that it was a big no-no to hook up or sing together because you’d get kicked out of the camp. But wait! There’s more! Kiki didn’t want to stay in camp, after being in the lead, because she’d have to see the love interest at campus and that was sooo bad, she’d lose the chance to study Opera and instead study Latin at the university her dad worked, for free. Let us weep. There was also this, Kiki was risking HER SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY, which I already mentioned, for a guy. She was willing to throw away her dream for a boy, when there will be boys, and there was also a chance that you could go out AFTER the camp ended and you had your freaking scholarship. But no.

The third strike was that this girl was borderline reckless in the most stupid and dramatic ways. I couldn’t stand it a second longer, even though I did reach the half-way mark of the book hoping, expecting, wanting the story to get better.

However, I gotta give the credit to the author because of her writing style that really flows and hooks you with her descriptions that leave an imprint in your head. And the story isn’t bad in itself, just not the thing I am into. Anyone who likes that type of drama in their stories mixed with a geeky girl trying to fit in and musical stuff, this is definitely for you. As much as I didn’t like this one, I would still read more by this author, as long as it didn’t have that kind of drama again.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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