{Reviews} When Stars Collide + Bring Me Back by Micalea Smeltzer

My Review:

I’ve read several Micalea Smeltzer books already (about 6), and I can say without a doubt that her NA romances are totally a guilty-pleasure, in a romantic mood, kind of read.

When I won When Stars Collide in a giveaway, I was ecstatic. I knew that I had to pick up this book when I was feeling too overcharged with heavier reads, so I held on to it for a while, waiting for the perfect opportunity. I’m pretty sure I picked it up at the right time, because I ended up really enjoying it! This book included some of my favorite romantic comedy clichés: best friend’s brother, best friends to lovers, and waking up married. I’ll admit, I didn’t think this would work out well at first, but I was so surprised! Xander and Thea are obviously great together, because they know each other so well and have great chemistry. Not to mention Micalea’s writing was so easy to follow, that I found myself passing the pages without trying to hard.

When you’ve already loved someone the way I’ve loved him for years, it’s all too easy to fall over the edge of a new kind of love.
A better kind of love.
A forever kind of love.

The story was hilarious at times, making me laugh out loud or giggle like a crazy person. It was super romantic, making me sigh dreamily after Xander, and it was also pretty damn emotional. I think the pacing was great, it always kept me interested and engaged.

The story even went so far as to let us get to know some secondary characters that are going to be getting their own stories soon, and I loved meeting them! I loved the group dynamic in the book, and the healthy friendships all around!

My only setback with the book was that there was too much soap-opera like drama for me at the end; I would’ve been okay without that whole part… it seemed like too much. However it didn’t sour my opinion on the book, so I call that a win.

Overall, When Stars Collide is a great romantic NA read that you need to pick up at the right moment. If you’re looking for a book with lots of swoony and funny moments, along with a great cast of characters that add more life to the story, a wholesome romance, and some very steamy sex scenes, pick up this book!


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My Review:

Bring Me Back leaves such a huge emotional impact that stays with you long after passing the last page.

I wish I could describe this book to you, but I don’t want to spoil it. I’ll tell you what this story is about instead: love, loss, heartbreak, hope, grief, growth, happiness, miracles, and most of all, living. 

I can’t say that the book is wholly original or unpredictable; I could guess what was going to happen a few chapters before it actually did. However I’m glad for that because I could concentrate more on the story that way. The fact that I knew some of the things that were going to happen didn’t mean I knew how Micalea was going to deal with them, and let me tell you that I loved the way she wrote the main character’s journey! 

Blaire starts out completely different from how she ends up. I loved her transformation. It showed true character growth and development and excellent writing.

The romance is so cute and powerful and so heartbreaking as well. It sounds like a total contradiction in itself but you just have to read it to find out. This is unlike any other romance I’ve read from Micalea Smeltzer before. It was such a breath of fresh air!

Overall, Bring Me Back is such an emotional and powerful book that really urges you to live your life to the fullest. The character growth and emotional writing will really stay with you long after finishing the last pages.

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