#DiversityDecBingo: A December Readathon Like No Other!

What’s #DiversityDecBingo?

It’s a readathon event taking place during the whole month of December, where the goal is to read more diversely! From the picture below, you choose one line, and read a book from each category in the line you’ve chosen. Once you read the 5 books, you can be entered to win prizes in a Giveaway! Awesome, right? Full details can be seen on Twitter under the #DiversityDecBingo hashtag 🙂

 You can use the hashtag to tweet your process as well, and interact with others who have maybe read the same books. It seems like great fun ❤

diversity dec bingo

What I’ll Be Reading

diversity dec bingo 1  diversity collage

I’m very excited to read all of these books, especially the Demisexual Main Character book, Radio Silence, and Indigenous Main CharacterIf I Ever Get Out of Here, as these are two subjects that I don’t think I’ve ever read before!


diversity collage 2   diversitydecbingo2

This is me stretching it… but I really hope I get to do 2 lines in the bingo card, if not, I can always use the card as a point of reference for when I’m looking to read diversely!

Will You Be Participating?

I hope you do get to participate; it seems like it’s going to be loads of fun. I’m starting today, with The Star Touched Queen. 🙂

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