Prom Queen Perfect and If the Dress Fits [Reviews]: Two Diverse Contemporaries You Should Read!

Prom Queen Perfect is a short novella-length book with a trope that I personally adore: enemies to lovers.

“This whole thing started when Adam called me selfish, and like most selfish people, that made me want to prove him wrong.”

Alexandra dela Cruz is our protagonist, and at first she can seem a bit… unlikable. Her personality comes off as self-absorbed or the dreaded mean-girl cliche we see in a lot of movies. However that quickly changes once we get to know her and find out about her personality more. In reality, we see that Alex is more than meets the eye, and seeing her character growth in the short amount of pages was pretty incredible.

“If Adam and I were locked in a white room with no doors or windows, we would still end up arguing about the color scheme.”

The romance here is what makes the book so cute. Like I stated above, I love the enemies to lovers trope, so when you obviously see that Adam and Alex didn’t really get along, I was so excited to read how their romance would develop. Clarisse David seriously knows how to write a romance between these two, because you could see the natural transition where hate was slowly blooming into love. Alex’s character development also played a part in this because as she kept changing, her feelings for Adam were slowly changing as well. Adam as a love interest was so so good. He knew how to challenge Alex, he knew exactly what buttons to push to make her want to do more, and whenever I think of him I actually think of Mr. Darcy; quiet, reserved, but quick-witted. Adam and Alex couldn’t have been better suited for each other.

This story wasn’t only about Alex’s romance with Adam. It also included a blooming friendship between Alex and a girl she thought she’d never be friends with: an unpopular girl. I thought it was so nice how her and Christy were so supportive of each other, and knew exactly what to say to lift their spirits up. There’s also a small theme of Alex’s family, and how they interact with each other. While a short part in the book, it was necessary to see why Alex is the way she is, and while I would have liked to see more, I’m glad that it there at all.

Before ending my review I’d like to talk a little bit about the diversity in this book. It’s written by a pinoy author, and is set completely in the Philippines. I think it’s great to read non-western books once in a while 🙂

Everything comes together at prom and to me it felt like a cute high school rom com that would have had me swooning in my seat. Prom Queen Perfect is short and sweet, and honestly one of the cutest books I’ve read.


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If I had to describe If the Dress Fits in one word, it would have to be ADORABLE. This book is about Martha, who’s tasked with planning her cousin’s wedding. The problem? Her cousin is marrying the guy Martha sort of loved.

“I’m actually happy with my weight, even though it’s hard to believe. I like that I can work it, because it’s mine. Everyone makes me feel so guilty for it, like there’s something wrong with me. But come on. I look amazing. And honestly? I don’t say it enough. I LOOK AMAZING.”

I really loved Martha. She had such a go-to attitude about everything. It was like nothing could stop her. While she had moments where doubt would creep in, she always seemed to be able to shine through. I loved that while she was plus sized, she was okay with it, even when her family or other people would make offensive comments that could bring her down. Martha was a force to be reckoned with in this book and I loved it!

The romance here is to die for! Our love interest is a biracial veterinarian bookworm who’s silly and sweet and QUOTES MR DARCY AT ROMANTIC MOMENTS. Be still my heart! Martha’s romance with Max was so so so so adorable! It was the perfect best friends to lovers + fake dating trope and I ate it all up.

Speaking of eating, oh my GOSH this book had the best food descriptions! It mentioned different filipino dishes and I seriously had to stop myself from drooling on my Kindle.

The story is set in the Philippines, and honestly it was so great being immersed in another culture for a little while. Also, the family! Martha’s family has got to be one of my favorite fictional families out there. They’re so supportive and even if they annoy each other there’s still so much love and trust among them. It was so wholesome ❤

The only problem I had, was that the book had a few editing or spelling errors that seemed weird to me, seeing as it’s a published book, but it didn’t really deter me from absolutely enjoying it either way.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this book. It’s a quick read, AND at the time I’m writing my review, it’s a very affordable price on Amazon (US). It has loads of diversity, and the romance is all kinds of swoony. If you’re looking for a romance fix, look no further, If the Dress Fits is the perfect fit for you. (Yes I did indeed pun).

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Overall, Prom Queen Perfect and If the Dress Fits are two wonderfully diverse contemporary books set in the Philippines. They feature completely adorable romances, likeable protagonists, and are highly entertaining! They’re so cheap on Amazon, that really, you have nothing to lose 🙂

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