The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace [Review]: Poignant and Captivating Poetry

This poetry collection knows how to capture your attention from the very first page. The author starts it off by dedicating it to Harry Potter – the boy who lived -, and from then on out you’ll be immersed into a raw, emotional, and powerful journey of living, loving, self-acceptance, and growth.

What’s so different about this book is the fact that the first three parts: the princess, the damsel, and the queen, are extremely personal to the author. The thing about Lovelace’s poems is that she makes you feel like you’re the protagonist- front and center. Even when these poems talked about things like grief and certain events in the author’s life, you could still feel as if there was something in there that called out to you and gave you an emotional punch. I could feel the pain between her words. I could relate so well to her personal struggles. In the YOU part, there are so many important and empowering poems that are both lovely and harsh at the same time. They talk about different things so relevant to society today, like feminism and race, which I really appreciated. I felt like Amanda took my thoughts and transformed them into poetry. All these poems are extremely heart-wrenching and beautiful; and I was easily bookmarking every other page.

I loved how each section of the book seemed to flow seamlessly, and we could truly see as the “princess” in the book transformed with each poem. We could see the author’s journey from being damaged and broken to strong and whole. Each new entry seemed like a new side of the princess, and it was easy to love the character we were seeing before us.

I really love that free verse poetry has been gaining more momentum lately, and it disappoints me that so many people look down on it because of it’s non-conventional formatting. I think it’s severely under appreciated. The structure of these poems in the book are actually so clever. The way each space between the words or between the paragraphs are placed actually invoke something in you while you’re reading.

Overall, Amanda Lovelace has crafted a beautiful work of art in this collection. She has given us a piece of her soul and shown us the transformation of a princess into a queen. This is for sure, a poetry book you shouldn’t miss!


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This book comes out on February 14th, 2017! You can preorder it, here.

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