Joyride Vol. 1: Mini Review!

What makes you pick up a graphic novel?  For me, it’s always the art.  I can grow to love a story even if it’s not my preferred genre if the art is great enough.  Joyride accomplished that but just barely.

I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi in general; space just doesn’t cut it for me I guess.  So when I got approved for this I was intrigued but a bit biased.

The art is definitely neat.  I loved the character designs very much even if they weren’t the flashiest out there.  The line-art was clean, the colors muted but pleasing.  I did think the character’s facial expressions were a bit stiff and they could have been drawn in a more expressive way to accurately convey their emotions.  While the art was nice, it wasn’t…unique.  I felt like I had seen the style before and nothing stood out to me. 

What I did not like about this graphic novel was the distinct lack of world-building.  I’m still not sure what the whole plot is really about; I’m guessing it’ll be developed more in the next volumes.  The dialogue also didn’t help in contributing much to the plot line.  It was wasted a lot in cheesy lines which I guess gave some personality to the characters but just managed to make me cringe a lot.

There needs to be a lot more character development for me to feel something for these characters.  Even the villains are far too vague and out of reach that I don’t find myself rooting for the heroes.  And some of the secondary characters seem completely pointless.  Adding some depth to these characters would help this story immensely.

I can definitely say this series has potential but there’s a lot of work to be done both with the art and the writing.      


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