Foundations Weak and Strong: ARC mini review!

I went into this not knowing it was actually a short novella but it was exactly what I need after all the long reads I’ve had lately.

The story revolves around jaded exes, Nick and Justin, who’ve been separated for three months now and are trying to deal with ending a 9 year relationship so abruptly. To add to that we have Washington, their foster kid who is unwillingly hurt by his adoptive parents shaky relationship.

At first I thought this was gonna be a little over the top but the story was pretty mellow and cute. I do wish we had gotten to see more of their relationship before the actual breakup so I could have sympathized with the characters a bit more. Maybe I would have hated Justin a little less because, let’s be honest, he’s a bit of a douche. But since I barely got to see how he was with Nick before, I have little to base myself on.

Another reason why I docked another star is because there was the use of “crazy” and “insane” as adjectives which is just a no for me. <spoiler> I also felt a bit uncomfortable with how Nick handled the whole getting back together thing without consulting Washington first. I feel like this was entirely selfish and disappointing. </spoiler>

Overall, it was a cute quick read. Maybe not the most memorable but it was fun.


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