Paint a Story on Your Skin by L.J. Hamlin: Mini Novelette Review!

I’ve been expanding my reading material lately and I’ve been leaning towards books with LGBTQAIP+ leads because as a member of the community, I feel like I should be able to indulge and enjoy more books about people that share my experience or live in the community day by day.

Paint a Story on your Skin is a short novelette featuring a fourty-six year old art gallery owner named and a 21 one years young artist called Tommy who just happen to have a meet-cute connection.  I know a lot of people stray away from age gaps but I feel like this short story grasps this topic very well and its not fetishized at all.  Mike is very aware of the age difference and is in fact very insecure of what people might think about his and Tommy’s relationship.   Its nice to see that reflected on text.  Both characters are also out so this isn’t a coming out story which is also refreshing.

My main problem with the book is the narrative style.  It’s very heavy on the dialogue and not necessarily in a good way.  It doesn’t flow very easy and it felt stunted and forced at times.

But besides that, I think it was a very sweet read with an HEA and I enjoyed seeing these two come together happily.  There is no unnecessary drama; just a casual beginning between two consenting adults


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