Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon: Mini Review!

Considering my bad luck lately with Romance books, I was kind of dreading going into this one.  That quickly changed when I realized my favorite trope being used.  Eye Candy is a friends-to-lovers story mixed with an office romance that surprisingly made things even better.

Jackie and Vince are both divorcees with their own jaded pasts to work through.  This made their issues all the more real for me while reading about their disagreements and their fights.  There’s nothing I hate more than pointless drama between couples and though these two certainly had some issues they were completely understandable and even relatable.

I found the characters charismatic, intelligent and adorable.  I loved the dual perspective; another surprise for me because I usually hate those.  Both their points of views were easily distinguishable and interesting.  The dialogue was witty and believable; there was no excess of detail or sappy monologues.  The best way I can sum this up is that it was simple yet incredibly fun.

The smut was really good too and it didn’t take over the entire story.  I had the time to fall in love with the characters personalities and not just their incredible chemistry.  It all was very domestic actually, WHICH I LOVED.  I love reading about simple domestic scenes because it feels so intimate.  Sex is good and all but I like knowing that they get along well enough to maintain a relationship. 

All in all, I wasn’t blown away but I felt so satisfied by this cute Romance.  I’m looking forward to reading Davis’s part of the story and even more of this author’s work!


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