Ether, Vol. 1: Death of the Last Golden Blaze: Graphic Novel Review

I requested this on a whim and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.  Ether is everything I love in a graphic novel: beautiful, engaging art; amazing storytelling; characters I want to root for; that urgent need for more at the end. 

Boone is a wonderful hero.  It’s not everyday I read about an older man traipsing around a fantastic world in search of scientific discovery.  I love that he doubles as both a scientist and a detective.  Boone is a man of logic through and through but he still engages with the oddest creatures and situations around.  I feel like I need  little more on his background; his flashbacks tore my heart and made me sympathize so much with him.  I want to learn more about his family, his children, his upbringing, etc.  That’s always a good sign when you’re reading any literary piece.

The pacing was really pleasant as well, I never felt like it was dragging or going too fast for me.  The story just flowed perfectly.  Speaking of the story, this read more like a murder mystery thriller than a fantasy novel which is totally cool with me.  It just made it even more engaging.  If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Who, this is for you! 

The best part though was the art.  The color schemes changed with the mood of the story which added that extra oomph in the atmosphere.  The character designs were cartoon-ish but very lively.  I loved the range in facial expressions and the mobility of the the characters when they were in action.  The panels were so unique too; I just loved every second of this.
What I would like to see more in the next volume is more female characters.  The story is pretty male-centric and that’s kind of disappointing. Here’s hoping we get to see some badass ladies kick some evil butt in the next part!


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