The Queen of Dauphine Street by Thea de Salle [Review]: What Are You Waiting for to Pick Up this Series?

(TWs for trauma, suicide, PTSD, stalking, attempted murder, blood, gunshots.)

Marianne’s Review:

Just when I think Thea de Salle is done surprising me, she does it again with The Queen of Dauphine Street.

Dauphine focuses on Maddy, our pansexual and eccentric heroine, and Darren, a Texan gentleman who cracks jokes, both of whom are tackling PTSD in their own ways.

What I loved about this book is the fact that the book never pretends to “cure” the characters’ PTSD with romance. We see these characters find some kind of solace in each other, but we know that their traumas aren’t suddenly erased.

Thea de Salle writes such wonderfully complex and highly lovable characters. I loved Maddy and her outrageous personality. She’s completely comfortable with her sexuality, and doesn’t really give a damn about what anyone thinks of it. We first met her in The King of Bourbon Street, as Sol’s ex-wife and former Dominatrix, but in this book her personality is completely fleshed out and we learn so much more about her. Then we have Darren, who completely stole my heart with his corny dad jokes. Darren is a southern gentleman who’s recovering from an abusive relationship. He’s charming, and sexy, and funny, an absolutely perfect combination. I really just loved the interactions between Maddy and Darren. They clicked from the very beginning. Darren lived to make her laugh, and Maddy knew how to make him feel better at every turn.

“[Maddy] didn’t have designs on fucking him per se, but if she slipped and fell onto his dick? Well? Oopsie!”

This book is infused with trademark Thea de Salle charm and hilarity, which made it even easier to pass the pages. We also got appearances from Sol & Rain from The King of Bourbon Street, and we got to meet new characters that also stole our hearts!

The sex scenes as expected, are steamy, kinky, and overall just really sexy. They leave you breathless and giggling, and more in love with the characters than you were before.

Overall, this sequel/companion novel definitely meets expectations. This erotic romance is sexy, fun, and an all-around solid book in the series. I loved Maddy & Darren, and it definitely made me anxious to read the next book, The Lady of Royale Street.

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Camila’s Review:

First off, if you haven’t picked up the first of the NOLA Nights books, what the hell are you waiting for?

Thea de Salle has changed Adult Romance for me indefinitely. Her prose is captivating, the comedy is laugh out loud funny and the sex. Oh my god the sex is…divine. Its kinky, it’s graphic, it’s hot as hell. I was legit sweating through so many of the scenes. Trust me, you might need a cold shower afterwards.

What I love most about this series and these books is how the queer elements never disappears from the story. In The King of Bourbon Street we know that our hero, Sol Dumont is openly bisexual and it shows in the text.

In this installment we have Maddy, Sol’s ex-wife whom we all loved in the first book. Maddy is outrageous, sexy and pansexual. Her energy is everything and I was beyond excited to know that we would be reading about her in this novel. I was ready for kinky sex, I was ready for hilarity between her and her partners, I was ready for obnoxious wealth and finery and Thea de Salle delivered splendidly. Aboard the Capulet, Maddy’s gigantic boat named after her Bengal tiger, yes I did say tiger, we see a bit of what it’s like to be an extremely wealthy heiress with more money than she knows what to do with. One of the things being building and entire room devoted to dildos. Honestly, Maddy is the best. You’d think that would be all you need in a romantic comedy but Thea de Salle goes above and beyond to show us the deep parts of these characters, making us love them because despite it all, they’re human just like us.

This story focuses on two beings suffering from severe PTSD. Through each other they establish a beautiful connection based on trust and communication, helping each other feel as safe as possible. That’s what really hooked me into the romance bit; there’s nothing better in Romance that consensual relations based on trust and companionship. Even if these two weren’t sexually involved, I could easily picture them as friend for a very long time. Just like Sol and Maddy after their divorce.

Darren is the type of hero I wish I got to read about more often. He’s easygoing, charming without being sleazy and loves Dad jokes. He lives to make Maddy smile and his sex positive attitude make me want to squish his 6 foot and a half self. Plus, he’s a ginger and I do have a gigantic weakness for gingers. He’s not the kind of man I would have expected Maddy to end up with and I think that makes it all even better to be honest. The author gives us these characters who’ve had plenty of awful romantic experiences and introduces them to a side of themselves they never deemed worthy of exploring before.

I loved the cameos of the other characters; getting to see Sol and Rain with their “babies” and Cylan being as grumpy as ever made me smile more than I expected. I can honestly say that these characters have a very important place in my heart.

I’m so excited to keep reading more books from this author and I hope this review inspires you to get a copy or two.


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