The Chaos of Longing by K.Y. Robinson: Raw, Potent and Enlightening.

I got to read the new and expanded version of this poetry collection so my opinion may be a bit biased. Even though I’m a huge fan of novels and long series, sometimes you just want to dive into your feelings and read something that won’t work up your fictional motors. Poetry is cathartic for me and for many others and today felt like a good day to read this.

To start off, I thought this collection was and is breathtakingly beautiful. I love that the first page includes trigger warnings for readers (TWs for rape, suicide ideation). Its such a simple yet thoughtful statement that let’s us know this author cares a lot about her reader’s mental health. I’m glad they were included because the book starts off strong from the get go. There’s no slow going or dragging of feet; everything is sharp and scathing since the beginning.  This collection is perfect for women who’ve been scorned because of careless lovers, for women searching for a way to heal.  This collection is for women; black women specifically.  Its about finding beauty in yourself without hiding all the damage inflicted on one’s self once.

I loved how it was divided, so it felt like a journey and a story all at once. You can tell its a very personal story the poetess is telling and you feel a bit ashamed at glimpsing these intimate pats of her but that’s what poetry is all about; showing all the gritty parts of oneself.  I know there’s a lot of hatred going around towards free verse poets but I feel like this style is the one that resonates best with me.  If it’s not for you, that’s fine, but women today are creating powerful poetry whether your purist self likes it or not.

My favorite part was definitively euphoria. Nothing like a triumphant and hopeful ending to heal your soul after pages and pages of heartbreak. This collection empowering, its raw and its unapologetic. Just like I love my poetry. I can see myself hanging some of these poems on my walls just so I can remind myself how important I am and how I should never dally with my self-care.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for this amazing writer.

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