Sanctuary: Rebekah Weatherspoon Does It Again!

Marianne’s Review:

Sanctuary was just the book I needed to read to get out of a massive book slump.

Liz as a protagonist is a dream come true: badass black attorney in a male-dominated company. Liz knows she has to hold her own and she does so spectacularly. I love how she has this “take no crap” attitude, and is very protective of her family and friends.

When I first started Sanctuary, I didn’t think I would love it more than Haven, however… this book pretty much stole my heart. I fell in love with Silas and Liz, and the way their romance developed. If you know me, you’ll know I love the romance trope that involves fake dating, and in this book Silas and Liz pretend to be in a relationship as a way to explain why she’s visiting his farm.

“This doesn’t mean I like you,” he says, punching the elephant in the room the way I’m learning he loves to do. “I don’t like you at all.

Yeah, sure, buddy. I absolutely loved Silas!! A scottish/polynesian grumpy farmer who’s secretly incredibly infatuated by Liz? Dream come true, I’m telling you. Silas is on the autism spectrum (self-diagnosed), and he always speaks his mind, which many would interpret as gruff, but you could see that Silas ADORED Liz and it’s obvious he would do anything to make her feel safe and protected.

Their dom/sub relationship is one based on lots of consent and discussion, and what’s amazing about it is that Liz is actually the dom in this relationship. She was a sex worker before she was an attorney, and I love that the book doesn’t shame that part of her life, and Silas sees this with an open mind as well. Shaming sex workers has been an unfortunate practice for years, and I’m glad that Rebekah has managed to seamlessly weave this acceptance into her story. ❤

There is, of course, lots of steam, but also a lot of cute domestic moments that I live to see in romance books. Silas & Liz have so many cute moments like watching movies together, or even playing board games, and I loved that we could actually see their relationship grow deeper and stronger.

My only issue with the book was a plot hole concerning the reason Liz went to Silas’ farm in the first place. This book starts off with Liz finding out an old client of her firm has ordered a hit on her, and after a confrontation, she decides to leave for her own safety. I guess I didn’t find the resolution of this plot point to be entirely… convincing? It seemed too easy of a resolution for such a heavy topic. Nevertheless, it didn’t really hinder my enjoyment of the book whatsoever, as what I was really here for was Liz & Silas’ relationship.

Rebekah wrote another winning book, in my opinion, and it just seems like the books get impossibly better and better. I can’t wait to read next book and see a little bit more into Liz & Silas.

Aesthetic Board:

Cam’s Review:

Rebekah Weatherspoon has done it again! While Haven continues to be my favorite in the series, Sanctuary introduced me to the wonder that is Silas and Liz; a power couple for the ages.

Romance is the perfect escape given the political climate and the stress of everyday life but Rebekah’s books include nuanced discussions on sexism and systematic racism without making the entire book revolve around it. This is something I highly appreciate from her part.

I loved getting to read a female Dom since they are so rare in this genre and the way Silas goes through the motions of being dominated is fascinating and frankly, hot as hell. The conversations on consent, from both sides, are so important in Romance right now where some authors decide to blur the lines a bit too much. I’m not always a big fan of the fake-dating trope but this one had me hooked from the very first page.

Silas is the crankiest of the heroes. His love for dogs and football, mixed with his farmer life make him the best beta hero. I enjoyed seeing him grow in his relationship with Liz and the way he’s so easygoing even when he shouldn’t filled my heart with feels. It’s not often we get Polynesian heroes or black heroines in books and getting both at the same time was refreshing and wonderful. Rebekah always delivers when it comes to strong female heroines and even the secondary characters stole my heart from the get go. I loved Liz’s friends and getting to see Claudia again was a pleasant surprise.

This was exactly what I needed; a fun, sexy Romance filled with dogs and steamy sex.

I can’t wait to keep on following this series and reading Brooklyn’s installment!


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