A Line in the Dark: Blog Tour + Review!

Marianne’s Review:

A  Line  in  the  Dark  is  not  your  typical  f/f  love  story  with  a  happy  ending.  In  fact,  itʼs not  a  love  story,  and  the  main  character  doesnʼt  have  a  romance  arc  at  all.  A  Line in  the  Dark  is  a  tale  of  best  friends,  and  what  you  find  yourself  doing  for  them  out of  loyalty  and  love.

What  I  liked:
-The  story  unfolds  through  Jessʼ  eyes,  and  we  get  to  see  how  it  gives  off  a  very eerie  vibe  from  the  beginning.
We donʼt  know  who  to  trust,  or  even  whatʼs  actually  going  on,  so  it  was interesting to have it narrated from Jessʼ POV.
A  lot  of  the  story  feels  like  itʼs  unfolding  in  a  cinematic  way;  the  way  things  are described  are  very  fluid.  Itʼs  easy  to  fly  through  the  story.
Thereʼs  lots  of  diversity;  Jess  is  Chinese  and  queer.  Her  best  friend  Angie  is queer.  Margot  is  also  queer.  Margot  and  Angie  are  in  a  relationship.  Thereʼs  a Korean  side  character.
-The  story  gives  off  a  lot  of  red  herrings;  thereʼs  a  murder  mystery  and  you have  no  clue  whodunit.
 -Thereʼs  an  emphasis  on  friendships  and  family,  and  has  underlying  themes  of loyalty.
What  I  disliked:
–Halfway  through  the  book,  the  story  shifts  from  1st  person  narration  to  3rd person,  and  it  didnʼt  feel  like  a  particularly  smooth  transition,  which  lead  to  a bit of  disconnect from the story.
-The  book  itself  is  so  short,  that  the  pacing suffers once  the  secrets  finally begin  unraveling.
I  wouldʼve  liked  a  more  solid  conclusion.
Overall,  I  recommend  A  Line  in  the  Dark  for  people  who  loved  Dangerous  Girls  or We Were  Liars.  Itʼs  captivating  and  thought-provoking,  and  leaves  you  breathless once  you  turn  the  last  page.  A  great  thrilling  read.

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