“Boricuan” is a word used to denote a Puerto Rican or a person of Puerto Rican descent. Derived from the Taino name for the island of Puerto Rico, Boriquén.


I can’t imagine my life without books. From the very first moment I picked up Twilight, and fell in love with escaping reality for a few hours at a time, I knew that reading would be a hobby that I could never let go of. Since Twilight, I’ve discovered new genres, authors, and series, that I could never have imagined. Some of my favorite titles include: Pride and PrejudiceThe Sky is Everywhere, The Book Thief, Angelfall, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, The Truth About Forever, and many more! I find a new favorite each week.

When not reading, you can find me binge-watching series on Netflix (finished Friends recently have no idea what to do with my life), fangirling on Twitter, reorganizing my bookshelves, and one-clicking on Amazon. I’m currently in college, studying Sociology. I want to become a Criminal Lawyer. Despite that, I still have a soft spot for writing, and wouldn’t mind working in a bookstore either. 😉

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Addicted reader, and lover of books. I’m a full-time college student majoring in English Lit with aspirations of becoming an author and doing a double major in languages. Oui.

I’ve loved books since before I was a year old. My reading list consisted of children’s books raging from Dr. Seuss and Charlotte’s Web to Clifford the Big Red Dog and Joody Moody. Much later, after reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I got sucked into Young Adult books with a whole new world of fiction at my grasp. I spend most of my time either reading, writing, or watching series on Netflix, such as The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, New Girl, or anything else that is fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi.

As for my writing career, it is currently limited to brainstorming and sharing my endless ideas mostly with my co-blogger, Marianne, with the hope of one day all those ideas clicking together into a novel. In the mean time, I just keep practicing to get better. When not writing (usually about vampires) or watching Netlix, I can be found doing crochet, drawing, and acquiring more books than what I can read at once, or trying to study.

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Lets just start with the basics shall we?

My full name is Camila Rodriguez Laureano and I’m a 20 year old bookworm living in the tiny island in the Caribbean known as Puerto Rico. My favorite genres are fantasy (urban, high, you get the drift), New Adult, Adult Historical Fiction and the occasional Contemporary novel. Most people know me as Cam on social media and I’m an active diversity advocate in all of my platforms. I think that just about covers the need-to-know basics.

Random facts?

  • I love my cat Oliver with all of my heart (he’s an orange fluff ball of love).
  • I’m a Libra. I’ve always found horoscopes super interesting so if you were curious about my sign…
  • I’ve been bookstagramming for almost 3 years now. I feel old.
  • Some of my favorite authors are Victoria Schwab, Laini Taylor, Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu and Gayle Forman.
  • I’m borderline obsessed with anime and animation as whole. Expect recommendations in some of my posts!

If you’re curious about anything else, feel free to contact me on any of my social media or send me an email @ justabookeater [at] gmail [dot] com!

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m really proud to learn that two talented book lovers from my little island have this amazing blog.
    Well done! Love the reviews. 🙂


  2. I fell in love with reading before I can ever remember. Every Wednesday I would walk an extra mile just to return books and pick up new ones from the library. I read everything – back of cereal boxes, dictionaries, anything that had words on – nothing was safe nor is it safe today!


    1. Thanks for sharing that! I wish I had loved reading like that when I was younger! Now the library is pretty much going to ban me with all the books I haven’t returned!


  3. Hi , les escribo en español , ya que por el nombre ” boricuan ” deben de tener algun conocimiento o entender el español. Me gustaria este site fuera en español , asi muchos mas boricuas podian entrar y leer las opiniones e los libros y asi poder evaluar su proxima lectura . aprecio el trabajo que hacen y tiene un valor inmenso para los que aman la lectura , pero esta solamente en ingles . De paso mis autores preferidos son James Patterson y Cassandra Clare.


    1. La razón por la cual nuestro blog está escrito en inglés es porque la mayoría de los libros que leemos son en inglés. Cuando leamos un libro en español, definitivamente haremos la reseña en español. Tienes muy buenos gustos en autores! 🙂


    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 It’s always great meeting other Boricuans!


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