We’re currently not accepting any review requests until further notice. We’d be willing to make exceptions for cover reveals or guest posts, under special circumstances.

For authors or publishers:

We accept either  ARC copies, paperback or hardcover books, e-books (preferably in  epub, or  mobi format), and audiobooks.  The preferable format would be physical copies, as they are more accesible, but if it is difficult to accomplish, we are fine with ebook copies. 

If you are interested in having your books reviewed by us, take into consideration that it fits the following genres:

  • young adult
  • new adult
  • contemporary
  • steampunk
  • romance
  • paranormal romance
  • fantasy and mystery
  • urban fantasy
  • mystery

**Indie and Self-published authors are welcome!

We reserve the right to be as honest [as long as there’s respect] as we want to be in our reviews. Our views and opinions are solely our own.

Contact us: boricuanbookworms(at)gmail(d0t)com

Thank you!

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