Cliché Names in Literature

Let's Discuss! (Totally copied that from Marianne lol) *The following post about names is not intended to offend anyone that goes by that name. These are all just typical character names and how they are used in many fiction books and stories* I am a writer. I love to make up stories of all kinds even if I don't … Continue reading Cliché Names in Literature

Ups and Downs of Being a Blogger and Reviewer

Blogging is hard. It's not as everyone thinks. At least, in the case of a reviewer it isn't, though I don't consider myself a professional but merely a learner as I go. This is a week, or even less days, before the 1 year anniversary of Boricuan Bookworms blog that Marianne and I started for … Continue reading Ups and Downs of Being a Blogger and Reviewer